Open source AS4 messaging

Holodeck B2B is open-source software for B2B messaging, implementing the OASIS specifications for ebXML Messaging version 3 and the AS4 profile.

All new Holodeck B2B 2.0 out now!

Holodeck B2B 2.0 the free open source AS4 message service handler is out! After a year of testing in beta, the completely re-written Holodeck B2B 2.0 is ready. It’s e-SENS compliant, fully AS4 compliant, fast and reliable.


  • Java based
  • small & light weight
  • well documented
  • flexible
  • stand-alone
  • easy to connect with
  • fully compliant with the AS4 standard
  • runs on most platforms
  • more features
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