Open source AS4 messaging

Holodeck B2B is open-source software for B2B messaging, implementing the OASIS specifications for ebXML Messaging version 3 and the AS4 profile.

It is very well suited to be used as AS4 messaging component in an eDelivery solution.

Holodeck B2B

Holodeck B2B is the open source AS4 message service handler. It’s feature-rich, fast and reliable. Holodeck B2B is e-SENS/CEF eDelivery and ENTSOG compliant and fully ebMS3 / AS4 protocol compliant.


  • fully compliant with the AS4 standard
  • Java based
  • small & light weight
  • well documented
  • flexible
  • stand-alone
  • easy to connect with
  • runs on most platforms
  • more features


Holodeck B2B 5.3.1

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This release fixes the Log4J vulnerability. Some notable new features: – You now have the possibility to use message properties in P-Mode matching. This is useful on for example the…

Patching the Log4J vulnerability

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Holodeck B2B uses Apache Log4J for logging, which means gateways are potentially vulnerable to the Log4Shell exploit. Please patch your Holodeck B2B gateway following the steps below to update Log4J…

Holodeck B2B 5.0 – new UI’s and Certificate manager

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Holodeck B2B 5.0 is out and these are the changes we’d like to highlight. User interfaces Although Holodeck B2B is back end software, we thought that system admins would appreciate…

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