The following extensions for Holodeck B2B have been created by the Holodeck B2B team and are available as open source software.

Holodeck B2B AS2

An extension for Holodeck B2B to support message exchanges using the AS2 protocol. With one gateway you can send and receive both AS2 and AS4 messages. Which message exchange protocol should be used for the message exchange can be configured in the P-Mode. It is meant to enable an easy migration from AS2 to AS4. Using this extension, switching from AS2 to AS4 is simply a matter of updating the P-Mode of the message exchange to be migrated.


  • P-Mode based configuration
  • Message signing with support for newer algorithms like SHA-256
  • Message encryption with support for newer algorithms like AES128-GCM
  • Message compression
  • Synchronous and asynchronous MDNs

This extension requires Holodeck B2B 4.0 or higher. Please see the README.MD file in the download for further prerequisites.
Set up and configuration guides are also included here.

Download Holodeck B2B AS2


Pull Request Trigger

This extension allows the Consumer application to control when a Pull Request is sent by Holodeck B2B instead of using the default fixed intervals.
This extension also allows you to specify the simple selection criteria of a “selective” Pull Request as specified in section 5.1 of ebMS V3 part 2 (Advanced Features). This advanced ebMS3 feature lets you specify in your Pull Request which message you want to receive.

This extension requires Holodeck B2B 4.1 or higher. Please see the README.MD file in the download for how to install and use this extension.

Download the Pull Request Trigger


Holodeck B2B Signal delivery

This extension implements a message delivery method for ebMS Signal message units. The ebMS data from the Signal messages is written to an XML document using the same structure as the ebMS header.
A simple XML schema definition is provided for “cleaner” generated code for XML processing.
Delivery methods are configured in the P-Mode. As this delivery method is only able to process Signal message units it should only be used in One-Way P-Modes that are used for sending User Messages.

This extension requires Holodeck B2B version 2.0.0 or later running on Java 7 or later. Please see the README.MD file for installation and configuration guides.

Download Holodeck B2B Signal delivery