Other tools

The following tools have been created by the Holodeck B2B team and are available as open source software. These tools are not Holodeck B2B specific. They can be used in any B2B messaging setting.

Holodeck SMP Client

A toolkit containing libraries for building SMP clients, to retrieve messaging partners’ metadata from an SMP server. The metadata can then used to dynamically setup the messaging configuration for the partner. Using this automatic configuration ability lets you build networks based on the “connect once – connect to all” principle where participants in the network need to setup their gateway only once to be able to connect to all other participants in the network. The PEPPOL and BPC networks are the most common examples of such a network.

The current version includes support for the OASIS BDXL, SMP v1, SMP v2 and PEPPOL SML and SMP specifications.

Download SMP Client