The Holodeck B2B message service handler is an open source implementation of ebMS 3 and AS4. Among its features are:

  • Multi platform, tested on Linux, Windows and MacOS
  • XML based configuration
  • File based back end integration included in download
  • REST API available as extension
  • One-Way and Two-Way message exchange patterns using Push and Pull
  • Option to include refToMessageId in a user message to enable easy reference of related messages
  • Multi-hop messaging
  • AS4 Compression
  • AS4 reception awareness
  • Support for both synchronous and asynchronous Error and Receipt Signals
  • Messages without attachments sent as single part messages and not SOAP with attachments
  • A-synchronous delivery of messages configurable (depending on delivery method used)
  • Send large files of up to 2 GB
  • Multiple submitters
  • Multiple receivers
  • Multi party configuration possible
  • Message delivery configuration in P-Mode with support for specific delivery options for receipt and errors
  • Generic P-Modes. Only define the parameters common to a set of messages in the P-Mode and supply the remaining details when the message is sent
  • XML based P-Mode configuration
  • CLI and GUI for gateway monitoring
  • Flexible configuration of pulling
  • Flexible configuration of message resending if initial try fails
  • All received ebMS error signals are logged, even if they can’t be processed or are not for Holodeck B2B
  • Automatic message purging after a configurable number of days
Holodeck B2B is fully AS4 compliant and also complies with the following AS4 profiles:
  • e-SENS / CEF eDelivery
  • Superstream
  • Security controls configured per message exchange, in the P-Mode
  • Signing and encrypting of messages using WS-Security version 1.1.1
  • Support for XML Encryption 1.1 *  and XML Signature 1.1
  • Certificates can be included as binary security tokens or referenced using their Issuer and Serial Number or Subject Key Identifier (as defined in WS-Security X.509 Certificate Token Profile)
  • Message authorization of both User Message and Pull Requests based on WS-Security Username Token
  • Authorization of Pull Requests based on the X.509 Certificate used for WSS Signature
  • AS4 Non-repudiation of receipt
  • Trust store to hold the certificates of trusted Certificate Authorities
  • OCSP check on certificates
  • Https via external proxy
  • Authentication of push and pull messages including non-repudiation receipts.
Extensibility and customisation
Many custom options can be configured or added using the provided API, for example:
  • Add your own persistency layer
  • Customisable backend integration like Web Services, JMS or even AS4
  • Event framework to enable additional notification to external components
  • Custom P-Mode validations to ensure correct configuration, for example correct use of domain specific values
  • Custom validation of messages including payloads
  • Add AS2 messaging capability with the Holodeck B2B AS2 extension, for easy AS2-AS4 migration
  • Fast: calculated throughput of 10.000 messages / hour out of the box
  • Small and light weight
  • Large messages (up to 2GB per attachment; a message can contain multiple attachments)
  • Clean and well-documented code
  • Integration tests for One Way Push and One Way Pull
  • Flexible, easily extensible through API
  • Easy to use and set up
  • File based back end integration included
  • REST API for back end integration available as extension
  • Customisable backend integration like Web Services, JMS or even AS4 using the API
  • Event mechanism to allow external applications to monitor and react to the message processing

In the detailed profile conformance overview you can see how Holodeck B2B conforms with the three profiles defined in the AS4 specification: ebHandler, Light and Minimal Client.