The Holodeck B2B message service handler offers you:

  • Open source implementation of ebMS 3 and AS4
  • Fully AS4 compliant
  • e-SENS AS4 profile compliant
  • ENTSOG AS4 profile compliant
  • EESSI AS4 profile compliant
  • Java based
  • XML based configuration
  • Small & light weight
  • Easily extensible through API
  • One-Way/Push and One-Way/Pull message exchange patterns
  • Multi-hop messaging
  • AS4 Compression feature
  • File based back end integration
  • Message delivery configuration in P-Mode with support for specific delivery options for receipt and errors
  • Option to include refToMessageId in a user message to enable easy reference of related messages
  • Event framework to enable additional notification to external components
  • Generic P-Modes. Only define the parameters common to a set of messages in the P-Mode and supply the remaining details when the message is sent
  • Multiple submitters
  • Multiple receivers
  • Automatic message purging after a configurable number of days
  • Message authorization
  • Signing and encrypting the message using WS-Security
  • Trust store to hold the certificates of trusted Certificate Authorities

In the detailed profile conformance overview you can see how Holodeck B2B conforms with the three profiles defined in the AS4 specification: ebHandler, Light and Minimal Client.

On our roadmap

The following features will be included in a future version:

  • Certificate revocation checks