Architecture overview

Layered architecture

Holodeck B2B has a layered architecture. At the core of the solution is the Apache Axis2 framework which is used for basic SOAP processing. The Axis2 framework is extended by the Holodeck B2B Core layer which provides the ebMS functionality as specified in the ebMS V3 and A4 specifications. Around the Core layer is an interface layer (the API) which provides access to Holodeck B2B from external applications.

As the layers of this architecture are strictly decoupled using defined interfaces this architecture allows for easy extension and modification.

General overview of Holodeck B2B architecture

Internal architecture

On a high level the Holodeck B2B core layer consists of four kind of components:

  1. Axis2 handlers : these components perform the actual processing of the ebMS header in the SOAP messages;
  2. Workers : these components act asĀ services and handle recurring tasks like triggering pull requests and watching for configuration changes;
  3. Message database : central in the processing of messages is the database which contains all the meta-data of the messages including the processing state;
  4. Configuration files : contain the settings that tell Holodeck B2B how to run, but also includes the P-Mode configuration that govern the message exchanges.

High level internal architecture Holodeck B2B