Holodeck B2B 2.0 beta 2 is available

By 08/08/2014News

We have just released beta 2 of Holodeck B2B version 2.0!

New in this beta:

  • Improved error handling. We have added better error generation and configurable reporting.
  • Support for asynchronous receipts. You can now also specify the callback reply pattern for receipts and specify a URL to send them to.
  • Support for the MPC sub-channel feature. With this feature, you can define multiple parties within one P-Mode that can pull a user message from one MPC. Each party is assigned its own sub channel but all will pull the message from the main MPC messages are submitted to. When pull authorization is added in a future version each sub channel will also have its own authorization.
  • AS4 compression. When exchanging large payloads you can compress them before sending using the compression feature. This reduces the amount of data to transfer and when security is used, the amount of data to sign and/or encrypt.
  • Configurable and extensible message delivery. The way received messages should be delivered to the business application can now be configured in the P-Mode. Included with Holodeck B2B are deliverers that write the message info to file (using different formats). It is also possible to add your own message deliverers.