Support and consultancy services

The Holodeck B2B AS4 messenger is created, maintained and provided as free – libre – open source software by Chasquis, the AS4 experts.

If you are using Holodeck B2B, please consider taking out a maintenance & support contract with us. This supports the continued development of Holodeck B2B and provides you with help from the development team if you run into problems deploying and running your gateway.
If you do not wish to take out a support contract, the team is available to answer your questions on an hourly consultancy basis.

Chasquis offer support and consultancy services surrounding Holodeck B2B and eDelivery / EDI / data exchange in general.
Services provided include
– setting up and configuring Holodeck B2B based gateways
– developing custom extentions for specific functionality you may need
– writing messaging profiles
– AS4 gateway support desk
– troubleshooting

Please contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

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Profile specific gateways

Chasquis can provide on-premises and full service hosted gateways for specific AS4 profiles:
Peppol gateways including dynamic configuration. Also available as multiprotocol AS2 & AS4 gateway
– SBR gateways used for example in Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting to the ATO. Gateway functions include SAML token fetching and including
– High capacity gateways for EESSI access points, as part of RINA or your own implementation
– EU CEG gateways for mandatory TPD reporting to the EU, including extra payload encryption
Gateways for EUDAMED, ENTSOG, the BDEW profile, EPREL and other CEF eDelivery based messaging are also available. For more information, please visit the Chasquis website.


If you need an AS4 gateway quickly, Chasquis’ hosted Holodeck B2B based gateways are a fast and cost-effective solution that can be deployed within a matter of days.

Reporting an issue

If you’ve encountered a bug in Holodeck B2B, please let us know. You can use the contact form or the Issue tracker.

When contacting us we’ll need to know:

  • which version of Holodeck B2B you are using
  • your operating system
  • your Java version
  • error messages you received
  • what you were trying to do and what the problem was you encountered
  • was the problem reproducible