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Holodeck B2B 6.1 – fixes and new Submissions Log

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The latest release of Holodeck B2B is a minor update that fixes some important issues, as well as improving the reliability of message exchanges.
Besides these fixes, we’ve also added the new Submission Log, which contains the meta-data of all successfully submitted messages.
Download the latest version here!

We’ve also released an update for our AS2 extension that includes a fix related to the update of the Holodeck B2B core. Latest version of the AS2 extension can be found here.

Holodeck SMP – a new open source SMP server

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We have just published the first version of our open source SMP server: Holodeck-SMP. It’s a stand alone SMP server with a modular design and a user friendly UI. With Holodeck SMP you can query both the Peppol SMP and OASIS SMP v2.0 (BPC) with the same single multiprotocol SMP server!
Participant capabilities are managed using templates making it fast and easy to add a new participant and reducing the risk of errors. Service group templates also make it easy to update all customers if your supported services change: just update the template and all customers will be updated. A significant time and cost saving.

Visit for more information and to download the software.