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Holodeck B2B 4.1: Selective pulling

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The latest release of Holodeck B2B sees the the addition of support for sending a selective pull request. We’ve also added enhancements in the message processing event mechanism and improvements in the P-Mode finding algorithm. Together with some smaller adjustments these improve the interoperability with other AS4 gateways used for implementation of the ENTSOG and ATO SBR ebMS profiles.

Selective Pulling

Holodeck B2B already featured support for Pull messaging scenarios. With support for sending selective pull requests using simple selection items as described in section 5.1 of the ebMS 3 Part 2 specification, you now have more ways of configuring how and when you want your gateway to send a pull request. 
Another big change is that the back end system can now trigger a pull request, instead of having to use the default interval defined in the gateway itself.
In this release, the support is limited to sending of selective pull requests with “simple selection items” as described in the specification. Selection criteria are not used when processing received pull requests.
To use these new features, you will need to add the Holodeck B2B Pull Request Trigger extension to your gateway. 

New Pull Request Trigger extension

In addition to the new version of Holodeck B2B, we’ve also released a new extension which you will need to install to use the new selective pulling functionality.
This extension allows the Consumer application (your back end application) to control when a Pull Request is sent by Holodeck B2B instead of using the default fixed intervals. It is also where you configure the criteria for your selective pull requests.

More message processing events

But wait, there’s more! 😉 We’ve also added more message processing events around message submission, processing and header validation. These give you even more hooks to add custom functionality to your solution. And of course we’ve fixed a few bugs along the way. You’ll find the full overview of additions in the Change Log.

Get your Holodeck B2B gateway

Download Holodeck B2B 4.1 now!
And get the Pull Request Trigger extension here.

Looking for support on your AS4 gateway? Chasquis, the creators and maintainers of Holodeck B2B are available to provide support contracts and consultancy services. We can help you get your gateway up and running, or optimise your existing gateway.
We also offer fixed-price packages for installed on-premises gateways that include profile specific extensions, for example for PEPPOL, ENTSOG and ATO Single Touch Payroll (STP), as well as full service hosted gateways.
Get in touch and let us know how we can help you.

Meet us at FOSDEM 2019

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Just a few more weeks until FOSDEM 2019, the big open source software conference in Brussels!
For any developer who contributes to or uses open source software this is a highly recommended event.

We’ll be attending, so if you are too and would like to have a coffee, just drop us a message or keep an eye out for people wearing a t-shirt with the Holodeck B2B logo on it.


FOSDEM, the Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting, is a yearly conference held in Brussels. This year it will be on February 2 and 3.
Location is the ULB, Campus du Solbosch on the Av. F. D. Roosevelt 50 in Brussels, Belgium. Registration is not necessary, it is free to visit.

Holodeck B2B 3.0 now available

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Holodeck B2B new release out now
In this latest release we take the modular architecture of Holodeck B2B a step further – making it an even more flexible AS4 messaging solution.

Further modularisation of Holodeck B2B

To make Holodeck B2B as flexible as possible, one of the things we’ve been working on is further splitting functionality into separate modules, with an interface through which they can communicate with the core and external programs. This flexible, modular approach is the main philosophy behind the architecture of Holodeck B2B and has now been applied to meta data persistency with the introduction of the “persistency provider” concept.
The Holodeck B2B core now uses a pluggable persistency provider to store the meta-data of processed messages. The interface of the persistency provider has been added to the Interfaces module.
Separating storage of message unit meta data makes it possible to choose your own persistency solution. For example, you can connect the gateway with your own database or make your gateway perform even faster by using an in-memory solution.
A default implementation using an internal database as in previous versions is included in the Holodeck B2B package.

Unit tests and integration tests

We’ve added unit tests and integration tests to further improve code quality.

P-Mode validation

A new feature in version 3.0 separates validation of P-Modes from both their internal and external storage, allowing you to choose your own method of adding and storing P-Modes. This could be in an external database, for example. A default implementation using XML is included.

The same API also lets you apply domain specific guidelines to P-Modes, only allowing P-Modes containing certain parameters that are specific to the domain you are using the gateway in. This ensures messages are conformant with your domain’s specific requirements.

Profiles and conformance

Holodeck B2B is suitable for use in any situation requiring an ebMS3/AS4 gateway, whether to connect to the ATO in Australia or an e-invoicing solution in Europe.
For use in Europe, it’s good to know that this version has again been CEF conformance tested by Chasquis Consulting. It can be used for EU-CEG, ENTSOG or PEPPOL gateways and any project using CEF eDelivery.

Download now!

Get Holodeck B2B 3.0 now on the Download page!